Wills, Power of Attorneys, Living Wills


If one dies without a Will, all of their estate assets are divided according to the laws of Intestate (dying without a Will) Succession. Even if the provisions of Intestate Succession are satisfactory, additional effort and expenses to their heirs are caused by one's failure to have a Last Will and Testament prepared and executed. This document may be modified to address individual or family needs, desires, and concerns.

"Form" wills, found in books or on the Internet are not "state-specific" and may omit or incorrectly state requirements necessary for a Will to be admitted to Probate in a Virginia Circuit Court. We can help.

"Living Wills" are documents that determine one's life should not be prolonged by artificial means. The choice of whether to execute this document is solely the individual's. We can assist in its preparation if one is interested.

General Power of Attorney

Do not wait until one's health deteriorates to the point that they are incapable of executing this document. We are contacted on a "too-regular" bases by concerned family members asking that we prepare a "Power of Attorney" for a relative who is in poor health. Often, their condition makes us unable to do so. The requirements for "guardianship" are much more complicated, difficult, and expensive than under previous statutes to changes in that law. We can assist with preparation of this document.

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