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Sentence Reconsideration and Time Reductions

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Section 19.2 - 303 of the Code of Virginia allows a Circuit Court Judge to modify the sentence of a person convicted of a felony before or within 60 days of actual admission to a Department of Corrections facility. This is rarely done. In our experience, there must be some substantial reason not known to the Judge at sentencing.

We regularly advise convicted persons, their families, and friends about this law. A fee is charged to visit the incarcerated inmate. If we determine a valid reason exists for filing such a motion, that fee is applied towards the cost of presenting the case to a judge.

Some attorneys will accept payment for non-meritorious claims. We do not. No guarantee can be made, but, ethically, we only file 19.2-303 Motions where there is a good faith belief that they may be granted.

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